FVO is mainly following the paradigm of sustainable development, which aims at economic development in an efficient and sustainable way through many tendencies; building Capacities, training sessions, culture promotion, MSME and etc. that mainly comes with FVO main mandate that can be also reflected from the organization name (FVO) that refers to “ Future Vision Organization”.

This mainly contributes in attainment of the sustainable human development goals and realization of the vision of peace and welfare through sustainable and effective development and cultural projects, strengthening the technical and managerial capacities of local communities in targeted areas. Ensuring community participation in prioritizing and managing community problems and ensuring the sustainability of their solutions. To enhance the abilities and skills of rural women and youth so as to develop community empowerment programs, assisting in the restoration and revitalization of basic services, cultural sites and handmade goods, and develop the humanitarian media that aims to build cultural bridges of understanding to promote peacebuilding.  The targeted locations are affected districts and villages, allowing access to infrastructures and enhancing the self-reliance of affected people through access to livelihoods opportunities, economic recovery processes, reintegration off IDPs, community assets construction/rehabilitation, promotion of the neglected positive cultural traditions and crafts.




Assist to make a critical role of the humanitarian journalism within the current settings by gathering the personalities who are working in the media and humanitarian fields with all their aspects to participate, dialogue and make some constructive ideas at one table, one hand, and one heart.

Also help to play an important role in encouraging journalists in their actions towards serving those weak societies living under such catastrophic humanitarian reality.



Peace Building

In order to build the communities’ resilience to conflicts and complement the humanitarian and developmental response work conducted by all humanitarian agencies, FVO will be focusing in addressing the need to build and foster social cohesion between the conflicted communities, identifying situations of do no harm and conflict insensitivity, addressing the structural causes of violence, conflict and subsequent humanitarian crises through dualistic peacemaking and peacebuilding work aspects represented in 1) Using transformative dialogue processes, participatory theatre, and training community members to be champions of reconciliation and peaceful coexistence, can and must be part of this process, and 2) Positively using media programmes and approaches that has been playing a psychological role to generate stress and increase anxiety levels among the conflicted communities in order to avoid instability and violence as rumours, occurring due to a lack of information, which can have dramatic repercussions in a war situation or conflict-ridden context.

Both of which to ensure FVO’s mandate towards finding a common ground and ending violence between any conflicted communities to build the communities’ resilience and promote for development building before, during and after conflict-related complex humanitarian situations.