FVO was established as a local NGO by a group of experts who work in different sectors related to the humanitarian and journalism majors. As an NGO, FVO realized the crucial gaps between providing aids, media, peace building and the need for building the resilience of communities.

We believe at FVO that the best solutions to support the people in crisis and conflicts should be by a quick transformation from rapid response to resilience method, as this approach within humanitarian operations is crucial to the first efforts of a community to recover, rise again, and start to use their capacity, starting from making peace and employing the media means in innovative measures at the first stages, , ending by early recovery and rehabilitation at later stages.

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FVO team has figured out the gaps that prevent the civil societies in Yemen to play a greater role in improving the response to the crises and especially with the conflict taking a place within the country by building their capacity internally using the available resources in the affected communities. For that, FVO works in many wide domains in parallel and innovative manner, the first one is providing developmental empowerment support to the affected communities from the crisis, and the second one is operating all of the traditional and online media means in building peace among the conflict affected communities and developing the capacity of Local actors. This is to strengthen their qualifications, voices, increase their impact and bring about the development of a diverse, inclusive and independent civil societies.

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FVO aims to be a reference point of most critical humanitarian works and development of communities by providing its professional innovative solutions and media expertise for a stabilized Civil Communities Socially and Economically


Being committed to contribute in attainment of the sustainable human development goals, development of society, and to enhance knowledge, abilities, and skills, of conflict and crisis affected communities and local actors by providing them with fundamental means and creating opportunities for a greater role in community stabilization with a realization of the vision of peace and welfare through innovative media convention and effective development projects


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